Preparing for His Return
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“With the participation of Michael, Gabriel, Apollyon and lots of other characters, you have a very intense novel that will keep you glued to the book until the last page is turned and the last word is read. I recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader that enjoy a very well written novel.”

Roberto Mattos, Books and Movies Reviews, New Jersey

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“Reminiscent of Frank Peretti’s novels on spiritual warfare, and possessing the same action-packed suspense as the Left Behind series, THE TRIGGER offers a look at the end times from a unique perspective...  a wonderfully written novel that will keep the reader engaged from page one. One cannot help but become “one of the team” that is globally missional in its outlook, and Christocentric in its foundation.”

Steve and Laura Hilton, Lighthouse-Academy, Arkansas

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“I haven’t read many novels on this subject, but I definitely enjoyed The Trigger and I’m glad I chose to read this Revelation novel...  I was completely fascinated by this story and could not put it down...  The Trigger is a must read for anyone who loves to read books about the Revelation. Even if that is not your favorite subject, I recommend giving this book a try. You will be entertained and enlightened.”

Carly Kendall

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“This was a great and engaging read. I am pre-trib, so I don't agree with the author that Christians will go through the tribulation, but this book was still a fascinating book to read, and I enjoyed every minute of it... The author does know his stuff on prophecy, and though I differ with him on a few things, we really don't know everything, so it was refreshing to read some differing opinions. And I have to say, I enjoyed this book more than the Left Behind series. So if you want to read a great end-times novel, check this one out.”

Mark, Thoughts of a Sojourner, Ohio
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“Readers interested in an alternative to the views espoused by the ‘Left Behind’ series may want to check out this book when it releases this month.”

Josh Skaggs, CBA Retailers + Resources, Issue: May 2011




“Through seventy action-packed chapters, this book will entertain you until the last page.”
Kennedy Reviews

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“I really enjoyed this book... It was very suspenseful, and moved along quickly!”

Susan Shipley Stitch, New Every Morning

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“I couldn't stop until I read the final page.”

Kathleen Smith, Reviews from the Heart, CA

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“I did enjoy The Trigger very much, it is a great novel and a fun read for the imagination.”

Sustainable Steffanie

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“You will not be disappointed in reading this book!”

Maureen Timerman, New York

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“I loved the interaction with the angelic realm...  While I've studied the book of Revelation, I did not understand until reading this book what really must happen before Christ could even come back, what things would need to be in place globally...  I highly recommend this book!”

Andi, Radiant Light, Idaho

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“...Hon Hoh provides a fresh different interpretation to the final days...  a unique but incise interpretation of the Book of Revelation.”

Harriet Klausner

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“The book grabbed from the beginning with the action and miracles – it gave me shivers and had me praising the Lord, and kept me on an interesting evangelical wild ride! If you enjoy a good super good vs. evil battle with the truth laced in you’ll enjoy this book.”

Amydeane, The 160 Acre Woods

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“The Trigger is a fast-paced, modern take on the Tribulation. It describes what our world may soon be like and gives us an understanding of the message of Revelation.”

Emily Schwendinger, Christian Book Previews

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“This is the kind of fiction I like - one that makes me want to dig deeper into my Bible, just to check things out for fun.”
Ayers Family

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The Trigger is quite the action novel. As a big fan of the Left Behind series, I was pretty excited to find an end time novel that took a different approach... If you like Christian novels, especially end times reads, you'll definitely want to check this one out.”
Angie Knutsun

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“This is a terrific suspense novel written about the end times. The plot is taken from the Book of Revelation and the events could be mistaken for headlines in today's newspaper. Hoh takes the concepts and events from Revelation and writes them in such a way that even the Biblical novice or unbeliever can understand. I guess what makes this book so exciting is that it could happen in our world at anytime. There is much in this book about spiritual warfare and God's working in our lives. It was a great book and one to share with others.”, New York









A Novel on THE revelation