Preparing for His Return
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How do you prepare for the return of the Lamb? Perhaps not many can answer that question with confidence. But we are here to help. In the complex world of the 21st century, it is difficult to be ready for the Second Coming of Christ without understanding the last book of the New Testament.


Here’s some encouragement: You don’t need a theological degree to comprehend the Book of Revelation, you already have what it takes if you are reading this page. Consider this: The Revelation was originally written for folks who couldn’t read or write in the first century. But they got the message from the inspired Word, and you can too.


To help you grasp the message of Revelation, we offer two easily accessible tools. A fiction and a non-fiction, both on the Apocalypse. Start with the fiction, then move on to the non-fiction, and if you have any questions, email the author. I’ll be glad to hear from you.


The novel is titled THE TRIGGER. The non-fiction, RISEN LAMB, EMPOWERED SAINTS: The Book of Revelation Made Easy. Check out the links below to discover more, and remember, the Revelation is truly within your grasp. I’ve done my part to make it fun and interesting. It’s worth the investment and you’ll enjoy it too; why not give it a go?



The Trigger
The Trigger