Preparing for His Return
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A Novel on the Revelation



AD 2025


The atmosphere was unusually solemn in heaven. It felt strange even to the angels after the vibrant praise that had been lavished upon the Lamb in worship at the commencement of this all-important assembly. Every celestial being not on active duty on Earth—from archangels to cherubim and ministering spirits—had convened. Too numerous to count, they spanned across the vastness of space. Twelve archangels and ten thousand principality-level warring spirits were also present, all aligned mightily and majestically before the glorious throne.

Gabriel stepped forward regally and handed seven trumpets to seven mighty angels. A moment later, the first angel sounded his trumpet with a thunderous blast. Hail and fire, mixed with blood, came pouring down on the earth. The second angel blew, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. The third angel sounded, and a large star, burning like a torch, fell from the sky on the rivers and on the springs of water. When the fourth angel blew his trumpet, a third of the sun, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars were struck.

At this point Gabriel raised his right hand, and silence fell over the assembly. Three trumpets remained to be sounded. Gabriel proclaimed with a booming voice, “The Phase of Trumpets has commenced. May the LORD our God have mercy on the inhabitants of the earth. May they heed the warnings, and turn to the Lamb for salvation as the time draws near. Glory to Him who sits on the throne forever and ever. Amen.”

“Amen!” the heavenly beings shouted, their gallant voices echoing to the far reaches of the galaxy.

Michael turned to Raphael, the archangel whose name meant “God has healed,” and spoke in hushed tones. “The earth’s ecology has never been shaken like this since the creation of man. It is the culmination of much unfortunate abuse. Now that the restraint is removed, they will feel the full force of it.”

“Including the followers of the Lamb,” Raphael added.