Preparing for His Return
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Hon Hoh is founder and executive director of Living Impact Inc. He was a pastor of three Australian churches for over ten years, functioning in the capacity of associate, teaching, and senior pastor. A graduate of the University of Melbourne (Psychology), Swinburne Institute of Technology (Applied Social Psychology), the Bible College of Victoria, and Harvest Bible College (M.A. in Ministry), Hon worked in the field of social welfare prior to entering pastoral ministries. He authored Risen Lamb, Empowered Saints: The Book of Revelation Made Easy (Maryland: McDougal Publishing, 2002), and The Trigger: A Novel on the Revelation. Hon is married to Ling and they have three children. 


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Endorsements at the commencement of Living Impact (1999)


"I have had the privilege of sitting under the ministry of Ps. Hon Hoh for the last five years. Ps. Hoh is an excellent teacher/preacher with a ministry based on the Word of God. His style, content and practical life application give him a unique ministry... "

Ross Wilkerson, Associate Director, Wycliffe Bible Translators


"I have had the privilege of knowing Hon for more than 10 years. Hon is a man of integrity who has a servant's heart. He is a man of prayer who trusts God implicitly, and has the courage to stand for what he believes is right... "

Alan Baker, General Director, Mobile Missions Maintenance





"I commend Hon to you as a man deeply committed to knowing and serving Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour. He has a genuine and deep spirituality that is clearly reflected in his preaching..."

Barry Cutchie, Executive Pastor of Berwick COC, and former National Director, Promise Keepers Australia


“Hon is a man of sincerity and integrity, always seeking to know both the will of God and the ways of God. He has a solid, mature and balanced grasp of scripture and has the ability to communicate it well...”

Rev. Dr Ian Richardson, Director, Lifebuilders Inc., and former Principal of Tabor (Bible) College, Melbourne



A Novel on the revelation
The Trigger